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Clogged or slow drains are a frustration, whether it’s in your bathtub, bathroom or kitchen sink. You can waste a lot of time and energy trying to fix it on your own, only to have the problem reoccur a few weeks later. Trust your drain cleaning with Trans Canada Drain, a leading Montreal fully licensed drain cleaning company.

Recognizing a Drain Back Up

When your drains aren’t working correctly, water will accumulate in a bathtub or sink rather than make a timely exit down the main drain. If there is a serious problem with the sewer drain, you could even see a backflow of terrible-smelling sludge into a sink or tub. Odors and visual cues are the leading ways to determine if you have a blocked drain.

Preventing a Back-Up in Your Drains and Sewers

While the drain and sewer system is capable of handling your wastewater, Many people let fats, oils and grease,  food waste and coffee grains pass through the kitchen drain. Loose hair, soap scum, toothpaste and other things are culprits of shower and bathtub drain blockages. can get invaded with Food, waste, grease or flushable wipe and cause the entire drain system to malfunction. When this happens, it’s well past the point of DIY. You will need to schedule an emergency appointment with an expert and plumber from Trans Canada Drain.

Addressing a Drain Back Up

Is your garbage disposal clogged with grease? Do you have soap scum or hair keeping your shower from draining? Plumbing problems and clogged drains are our specialty. We service Montreal, West Island,

 and surrounding areas and our expert plumbers can help you prevent and clear your clogged drains in the following areas:

  • Garbage disposals
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Laundry room drains
  • Bathrooms showers and sinks
  • Clogged pipes

Even if your problem isn’t listed, our team of experienced and  Montreal plumbers knows the inside and out of pipes and sewer drains

 We can install a new drainage system or do a complete sewer drain cleaning. If the situation requires, we can even unearth and clear the blockage within the pipes or repair and replace the pipes with our drain excavation equipment. 

Making the Call To Your Trusted Drain Cleaning Plumbers in Montreal

For all of your plumbing, drain cleaning and sewer needs in Montreal, call your Trans Canada Drain today at 514-620-4047. You can also contact us online.

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